Reversible solar panels generate power even at night

An international team of researchers has developed the concept of dual-mode solar panels that can generate energy at any time of the day. When the sun shines, they absorb the energy of its radiation, and in the dark they themselves become a source of energy. But already another, thermal, which will be captured by special superstructures.

It is sad to see how solar panels consume only a small part of the entire mass of our star's energy, with parameters from the visible spectrum. Despite the fact that the existing structures unfold after the Sun and, logically, are the best receivers of its radiation from those invented by man. Why not teach them to also accumulate energy outside the visible spectrum - for example, heat?

Working with infrared radiation is interesting because at night the heated Earth and all objects on it in relatively cold space themselves become sources of energy. The same one that was received from the Sun during the day - you just need to put heat traps, and exactly where the energy is accumulated. That is, directly to solar panels, or rather, to integrate directly into their structure.

The developed technology can collect up to 25% of the amount of energy that the solar panel receives during a full day of light - a very impressive result. In modern metropolitan areas, there are not so many vacant areas, so the dual use of solar panels promises obvious benefits.