Qwake C-Thru Firefighter Mask Provides New "Thermal Intelligent" Vision

The fire department of the Californian city of Cosumnes has tested a prototype of a new mask from Qwake. The C-Thru is designed to provide “thermo-intelligent” vision in maximum smoke conditions. The technology is based on a combination of a thermal imager and artificial intelligence to recognize silhouettes of objects.

The idea is that a firefighter will go to a room with a maximum level of smoke only in two cases. Either his colleague is blocked there, who needs support, or there are people left there. In any case, there is no need to show the entire room to the firefighter, you just need to indicate where the sought-after objects are - people or their bodies. Their temperature in different conditions today can be measured with high accuracy in order to confidently distinguish from other objects.

A thermal imager is installed on the C-Thru mask, the signal from which is processed by the AI ​​so that it can build a map and route to the target. This data is transmitted to the rendering module inside the mask, which works on the principle of augmented reality. The picture is not displayed in its entirety, but in the form of contrasting lines of the found objects.

Thus, the firefighter sees the virtual image, but its boundaries exactly coincide with the objects hidden in the smoke. The experts who conducted the testing noted the high level of detail. However, for now, firefighters are forced to determine themselves whose silhouette is in front of them and make decisions on the situation.