Video: Wuhan engineers managed to build a giant hospital in 10 days

The Chinese city of Wuhan has become the epicenter of the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. As of February 3, over 17, 000 people have been confirmed infected in China and beyond, 362 have died and about 500 have recovered.

According to the World Health Organization, thanks to the titanic efforts of the Chinese leadership, the threat of the spread of the epidemic in the country and around the world has been minimized. An example of this was the construction of an infectious diseases hospital in Wuhan with more than 1, 000 beds, consisting of 20 blocks with an area of ​​25, 000 square meters. meters.

The author of the project is the Wuhan Institute of Design CITIC. A tribute must be paid to the Chinese builders and engineers - the hospital was built in a record 10 days. A video of the construction progress provided by the BBC is available on YouTube.

The first 1, 300 patients will be accommodated in the newly built hospital in the near future. It also became known that 1, 400 military doctors were assigned to the new hospital.

Inside China, strict restrictions have been imposed on the movement of 35 million people in the region, which includes Wuhan and 12 neighboring cities, even though one of the main Chinese holidays, the Lunar New Year, is celebrated.