The creators of special effects told how the Lion King was created

In the Walt Disney Pictures remake of The Lion King, everything is fake. Both the beloved characters and the unique African nature surrounding them are the fruit of digital technologies.

To show the scale of the work done by the creators of the unique visual effects, their author - MPC Film - posted a short video on YouTube. It shows the stages of the creation of movie characters and some of the iconic scenes of the film, including the famous "Circle of Life".

Let's remind, the animated film "The Lion King" was released in July last year. Directed and Produced by Jon Favreau and Written by Jeff Nathanson. The budget of the film was 250-260 million dollars, the box office was more than 1.6 billion dollars.

Visual effects were developed by the Moving Picture Company under the direction of Girish Balakrishnan. Together with Magnopus and Unity Technologies, it has developed a film technology platform based on the Unity game engine.