US Army is exploring the possibility of building a giant dam in the waters of New York

Scientists in many countries of the world have been talking for several years about the tragic consequences of the rise in the level of the World Ocean due to global warming. As a result, the gigantic territories of many coastal states with multi-million dollar megacities (including New York) can go under water.

In a recent issue of The New York Times, reports that the US Army Corps of Engineers is studying the possibility of building a giant protective dam in the waters of New York, which will protect the largest American metropolis from devastating coastal storms and, most importantly, future sea level rise. The project, designed for 25 years, is estimated at $ 119 billion.

Roller coaster in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy 2012

Almost immediately, the project had many opponents. In their opinion, the dam can only protect against storms, and against tidal waves it is powerless. In addition, it will prevent the outflow of urban wastewater.

However, perhaps the main opponent was US President Donald Trump. On his Twitter page, he said that the idea of ​​a "sea wall" in the waters of New York is stupid, unnecessarily expensive and can only harm the environment. In conclusion, Trump said that the structure will look "terrible", and the residents of the metropolis will have to "prepare mops and buckets."

The debate on the need for a protective dam is expected to last until 2022. By this time, the US Army Corps of Engineers will finally formulate its report to the US Congress, which will contain much more information about the feasibility of this project.