BMW launches ambient air gasoline technology

BMW i Ventures, a subsidiary of the BMW concern, announced financial and organizational support for the startup Prometheus Fuels. We are talking about an amount of about $ 12.5 million right now - which is very useful, since the launch of production is scheduled for the second half of 2020. This will be a new type of fuel, a complete analogue of gasoline, but produced not from oil, but from carbon filtered from the air.

The startup Prometheus Fuels is the brainchild of Rob McGinnis, Ph.D. from Yale University and the author of a number of other high-tech projects. He already has a number of developments in the field of creating automobile, rocket and aviation fuel based on non-standard sources. The main one is CO2 contained in the air, and energy for its processing is taken exclusively from renewable sources.

The main advantage of Prometheus Fuels and, at the same time, the subject of interest for BMW is the production of a fuel at the output that is molecularly identical to gasoline extracted from oil. It is enough to put one more rack at the gas station and refuel any cars with internal combustion engines with it without upgrading them. At the same time, since the production of such fuel contributes to the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere, new emissions during its combustion are automatically reset to zero. And this promises great preferences in the light of the current policy aimed at protecting the environment.

The main question is: how to make such gasoline competitive with conventional gas? This is why money and help from BMW are needed, where they are interested in this type of fuel, because it can rightfully be called "green" and continue to produce cars with internal combustion engines. Or, at a minimum, extend the process of switching to electric traction in order to reduce your losses. And as a maximum, Dr. McGinnis promises to convert all transport in the world to CO2-based fuel, which will reduce atmospheric emissions by 10 gigatons, or 25% of the current volume.