Harvard Scientist Launches Genetically Perfect Matching App

Well-known Harvard geneticist George Church has proposed the concept of a new program for the selection of married couples, which will radically reduce the likelihood of genetic abnormalities in future generations. It will be implemented as a dating application that matches people not according to their cultural or culinary habits, but based on DNA analysis. This is done in order to exclude the creation of pairs, which may have genetically vulnerable offspring.

The very idea of ​​filtering future parents for medical reasons is already being applied in a number of African countries, where the population is historically vulnerable to sickle cell disease. Blood tests are taken from the bride and groom and if they find a risk of this deviation in the child, they are forbidden to marry. You just need to find another partner - this is the easiest and cheapest way to save an entire nation.

George Church

According to Church, there are about 7, 000 dangerous diseases, and the carriers of defective dominant genes are 5% of the world's population. To identify all, one decade and expenses of $ 1 trillion a year will be enough. After that, it will be possible to compile a global library of genes and at any time check what the unification of the genome of two arbitrary people will lead to, what risks it will bring.

Church insists that this is not about selection or eugenics. The application will not indicate with whom to marry, it will only exclude from the list those with whom it is risky to do so in the interests of the health of their own future children. The final choice is still up to people - but there is a risk that some structures will want to filter their customers on this basis. For example, insurance companies today often charge higher rates for health insurance for smokers. What will prevent them from doing the same if the client is not born into a “perfectly healthy” family?