Designed a T-shirt that generates electricity to recharge gadgets

Researchers at the Faculty of Science at the University of Malaga (UMA, Spain) have developed an inexpensive T-shirt that generates electricity from the difference between the temperature of the human body and the environment. This is made possible by a special fabric developed in conjunction with the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa (IIT).

Its material consists of water, ethanol obtained from tomato peels, and carbon nanoparticles. When heated, this mixture softens and adheres to the cotton layer, acquiring electrical properties similar to those of tellurium, germanium or lead.

Currently, a group of scientists, led by Italian researcher Pietro Cataldi, is working to create devices that can be embedded in textiles. In the future, on their basis, it will be possible to make, for example, a T-shirt that can reflect light or charge small gadgets.

The possibilities of the new electronic fabric are not limited to this. In the future, the material can find application in biomedicine and "flexible" robotics.