Monstrously polluted India opens first bar selling pure oxygen

The flip side of India's booming economy is the catastrophic air pollution of the largest metropolitan areas, among which the undisputed leader is the capital of Delhi. The situation here is so difficult that in some local bars, along with various drinks, a "portion" of pure oxygen began to be offered to customers.

For example, in the Oxy Pure bar in New Delhi (one of the districts of the Indian capital), customers can breathe pure oxygen through special breathing apparatus for 15 minutes for an appropriate fee. The very fact that a market for such services is emerging in India is an alarming signal for people who have become hostages of environmental problems.

The Indian government was forced to declare a state of emergency in New Delhi at the beginning of the month, where, as a result of a combination of several factors - polluted air, large amounts of construction waste and other hazardous waste, many children began to notice cases of brain damage.

Oxy Pure owner Aryavir Kumar in an interview with The New York Times commented on his initiative: "People are used to buying bottled water, so why not air too."

A breath of fresh air at the Oxy Pure Bar