Linksys Aware turns a regular Wi-Fi router into a home cyber guard

Linksys has unveiled Aware, a new home security system that leverages a spin-off of its Velop routers. These are Mesh WiFi enabled devices that create a self-organizing wireless access system for indoor multiple rooms. Linksys engineers have taught routers not only to transmit data, but also to detect strange movements inside a building - that is, to act as a home security system.

One of the advantages of Mesh WiFi technology is that its mesh structure very meticulously tunes the signal quality between router cells, carefully analyzing its parameters. If there is serious interference in the path of the radio beams, the system will select the route and signal strength to minimize their impact. And if the obstacle moves, the system will continue to react as well - and this is a ready-made motion detector.

The main advantage of Linksys Aware is the absence of separate sensors, it is entirely built on routers that will not arouse suspicion from those who want to get inside the building. And it is quite accurate - but not in the quality of motion recognition, but in the interpretation of this data. Since initially Mesh WiFi and specifically the Intelligent Mesh control program for Velop were created for maximum adaptation to user habits, Linksys Aware will not be difficult to learn to distinguish a grandmother from a cat and both of them from a stranger, so as not to raise a false alarm.

Linksys claims that they are on the verge of a new era, when routers will turn from a fragment of a "smart home" into its basic element, a universal communication system. The novelty so far works only in conjunction with the expensive Velop routers and is supplied with a subscription costing $ 2.99 per month. However, when compared with highly specialized motion detection systems, this solution can be significantly more profitable.