Scanatic 3D scanners allow you to virtually try on any clothing

Last year, TG3D Studio introduced the Scanatic 360, which takes measurements of the human body to accurately determine the size of clothing. It has now been renamed VTO (Virtual Try-On) and has been enhanced to provide higher precision scans. According to co-founder of the project Rick Yu, the installation has been simplified and made more compact - now it fits into a special suitcase.

To take an electronic measurement, you need to stand in the designated area, walk, then stand up straight, stretch your arms and clench your fists a few centimeters from your hips. Rick Yu recommends using tight-fitting clothing for measurements. The time for calculating the results is less than 3 seconds.

After creating a digital body model for it using the application, you can try on various options for clothes so that a person can clearly imagine how he will look in it. TG3D Studio says that designers and garment manufacturers can use the same scanning technology to accurately identify the original design, and they are able to capture not only the shape of the garment, but also the silhouette and texture of the fabric.

Of course, these scanners are not intended for individual use. The TG3D studio expects that they will be used more often by modeling agencies, designers or, perhaps, tailors of the future.