Los Angeles has mastered the high-speed construction of housing from steel boxes

In 2020, an unusual house located on Alvarado Street will be commissioned in Westlake, Los Angeles. The five-storey building will be almost entirely constructed from special steel boxes.

These boxes are very similar in appearance to the used sea containers. However, this is not the case - they are completely new and are made to order at a factory in Shanghai. Each of them weighs from 6 to 13 tons.

In addition to steel containers, timber frame elements are used in the building structure. Thanks to this approach, the entire construction process will take no more than 12 months. This is twice as fast as it would take to build a classic high-rise building.

The complex was named Hope on Alvarado ("Hope for Alvorado"). It is being built as part of a program to create affordable and quality housing for the homeless. The finished building will offer residents 84 compact apartments (studios and one-room apartments). In addition, the local health organization will provide social services and housing subsidies to residents.

Finished Hope on Alvarado