Tilt Five holographic system combines board games and augmented reality

Tilt Five, a new startup, is bringing a static picture of board games to life by presenting it as a hologram in an augmented reality system. To do this, players need any computing device, laptop, PC or tablet, running Windows or Android. The playing field is connected to it, several glasses and control panels - passive game controllers.

The size of the board is 80x80 cm, but it can be increased. Several people can play, including via the Internet. The gameplay is extremely simple - you need to move the contrasting figures and use the control panels to indicate the playing areas. The game analyzes whose move it is and what command the player has given, calculates the result and colorfully visualizes it in augmented reality.

Players need lightweight 80g Tilt Five glasses with 110º viewing angle, stereo speakers and a microphone for communication while playing. There are two cameras on the glasses, one tracks the direction of the player's gaze, the second analyzes the position of figures and remotes on the playing field. The response delay is no more than 6 ms, the system works even at a distance of several meters. Points show hidden game moments only to their owner, so he can plan a move in secret from opponents.

The game has Save-Load functions, the process itself can be streamed to YouTube, and there are already several games in the starter kit. The specifics of the system do not allow porting other games to it so easily, but the developers are negotiating with Fantasy Grounds, the owner of licenses for many virtual analogs of board games. The cost of the game kit is $ 299, but it contains only one set of glasses + remote control + chips, additional sets will have to be purchased. Tilt Five is tentatively set to go on sale in June 2020.