The famous Three Mile Island nuclear power plant finally shuts down

In 1979, the name "Three Mile Island" did not leave the headlines - the famous accident at the nuclear power plant of the same name led to dire consequences. But this did not destroy the station itself, it was stopped for only a few years, after which it returned to operation, albeit with one TMA-1 power unit. TMA-2 survived partial melting and never returned to work, since repairs with such damage did not make sense.

But even in such difficult conditions, the NPP successfully operated for another two decades, reaching an efficiency of 94.3%. The reason for the closure of the station is not technical, but economic. As the operator of the nuclear power plant, Exelon, failed to cope with the aftermath of the old accident, the state of Pennsylvania naturally refused to cooperate with it. Because of this, the NPP was unable to supply the generated energy to the general power grid and earn money on this.

From the point of view of radiation safety, Three Mile Island does not create any problems; in the last century, all damaged parts of the plant were mothballed, and 140, 000 people from the territories adjacent to the nuclear power plant were relocated to other areas. But economically, the power plant is in a deep abyss, because there are no funds to modernize equipment half a century ago. Because of this, the generation of energy on it, even by the standards of a nuclear power plant, is too expensive.

As a consequence, after several fruitless attempts to revive the project, the owners decided to close Three Mile Island. By 2020, only 50 people should remain here to control all systems. They will work at the station until 2060, and they are also responsible for the gradual disposal of hazardous materials.