Path tracing technology will revolutionize the gaming industry

Square Enix has released a "Back Stage" video that demonstrates path tracing rendering capabilities. This is a new word in the creation of hyper-realistic graphics with tracking the distribution of light in complex scenes. It is believed to be the trump card for next-generation PC gaming consoles and graphics cards.

To demonstrate the tracing, the designers chose a very complex scene - the actress applies makeup in front of the mirror. The rendering was created using NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and is distinguished by a small number of actions, but an abundance of detail. Light is reflected in different ways on certain parts of the body, be it the glitter of the eyes or the matte surface of the lips. The reflection in the mirror very accurately repeats the features of the heroine's appearance, including minor defects in appearance - the girl's face is deliberately made not perfect.

NVIDIA explains that when creating realistic graphics in computer games, there is simply no alternative to ray tracing technology (another technology that should not be confused with path tracing - ed. Techcult). But tracing the path allows you to calculate not only the behavior of the rays of the basic lighting, but also clusters of shadows, reflections, ambient light and many other elements as a single scene, without resorting to separate algorithms. This achieves the effect of realism, when there are no foreign elements in the picture on the screen.

Another nuance - the level of detail shown in the Back Stage video is today reserved for pre-prepared cut-scenes. However, the technology of tracing the path will allow you to create a picture of this quality right during the game - and therefore there is no doubt that it is destined to revolutionize the gaming industry.