Norwegian polar resort Manshausen has won numerous prestigious design awards

There are not so many settlements in the world beyond the Arctic Circle of the Northern Hemisphere, and the popular resorts in these harsh lands can be counted on one hand. One of them, located on the Norwegian island of Manshausen, has received an impressive harvest of awards and prizes after being renovated this year. Among them are Architizer A + 2019, Dezeen Award 2019 and International Design Awards.

It all started in 2015, when the architect Snorri Steinsson built the first four guest houses on the beach. Today, there are twice as many of them, there is a sauna and a relaxation area, but in fact, 22 hectares of a private resort have been part of the wilderness, so they remain. The houses stand out for their futuristic look, but do not spoil the landscape, but emphasize its originality.

The buildings are made of laminated veneer lumber with aluminum cladding to protect against salt water and winter precipitation. In each house, half of the building hangs over the water, resting on piles, and has panoramic glazing. It is very convenient here to relax from the worries of civilization and feel the unity with nature. In order not to destroy this atmosphere, they decided to freeze all plans for the expansion of the resort indefinitely.