Chinese university to install student tracking system

The University of Pharmacy in Nanjing, China, has announced the launch of a new student performance and behavior monitoring program at the start of the academic year. CCTV cameras with face recognition will be installed at the entrance to the building and in two classrooms. They will literally follow what the students are doing during the lessons.

The innovation drew a stream of criticism because the university leadership ignored the interests of the students. Cameras will work without their consent, students have no access to the information collected, to its processing or interpretation. Meanwhile, it is already known that the work of the system will not be limited to just fixing the presence of a specific person in the audience. She will literally study the faces of students to understand what they are doing.

For example, cameras will record everyone who is napping, drawing in a notebook, playing on a smartphone, or doing something other than school. Those chatting, looking out the window, escaping from the audience ahead of time will also be recognized and taken into account. If the project proves useful, cameras will be installed throughout the university. The university leadership declares that the university is a public place, which means that you can conduct surveillance absolutely openly.

Interestingly, a similar system was installed at a school in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province last year. But the goals were different - to recognize by facial expressions how interesting it is for students to listen to teachers, how they react to the learning process in order to optimize it. In modern China, such methods of population control are becoming common practice.

Monitoring system in one of the auditoriums