"Magnetic skin" will give people unusual contactless opportunities

A new type of biocompatible polymer has been developed at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia). It contains magnetized particles, due to which it is able to come into contact with the electromagnetic fields of various devices. They plan to make this polymer the basis of a new "smart skin" for remote control of gadgets.

A biopolymer with magnetic particles is produced in the form of thin films that adhere to human skin. Now, if you bring this area closer to the sensor, the interaction of magnetic fields will occur and the fact of contact will be noted. In one of the first experiments, the authors of the development attached the polymer to the eyelid, and the sensor to the glasses, which were able to record when the user kept his eyes open and when he closed them.

The main advantage of the development is that the "magnetic skin" always works and does not require any energy sources. What makes it different from other electronic implants. Yes, it is impossible to write any commands or data into it, it is just an analogue of an access card, but in this capacity it has a lot of ways to use it. For example, activating hazardous laboratory equipment without physically touching it by simply bringing your hand to the sensor.

Magnetic leather does not interfere with the usual one on which it is glued, although the authors of the development do not undertake to say how it will behave during prolonged contact, and even more so during everyday wear. They expect to create on its basis systems for monitoring the physical condition of a person, solutions for the disabled and specialized means of identification.