Geomiq is ready to pay $ 125,000 - if you agree to bequeath your face to a robot

Geomiq, a London-based startup, announced that it was looking to make money on its own by officially selling it to a robotics company. No, they will not literally cut off the skin, we are only talking about copyright and the ability to use the appearance of a particular person to create humanoid robots. Deal price: $ 125 thousand

The operation is totally classified, at the request of an unknown customer, who positions itself as a major robot manufacturer. The development of a new, efficient model of a robotic nurse for the elderly who needs a real, human face is coming to an end. Absolutely good-natured, friendly and free of commercial use.

The project is funded by venture capital and funds in Shanghai, it will be implemented approximately next year, thousands of robots will receive the desired person. Of course, applicants will be selected meticulously, albeit according to unknown criteria. Geomiq emphasizes that this is not a joke, the request is unique and similar offers appear extremely rarely, therefore, asks to take the issue seriously.

Those wishing to donate their face to thousands of future androids should send applications to [email protected]