Canada launches affordable geothermal power plant pilot

A pilot project for the Eavor-Loop geothermal system has begun in Alberta, Canada. It is positioned as a safe alternative to other energy generation methods and at the same time as a competitor to large generating companies. The cost of one installation is only $ 10 million - for this money, the company, in fact, gets a personal power plant and can refuse the services of external energy suppliers.

There are no experimental or disruptive technologies in the facility - on the contrary, it is entirely built on proven and safe solutions. To begin with, two vertical shafts are created at a distance of 1.5 km from each other, which merge underground, forming a semblance of the letter "U". There can be several wells, then they are located underground in parallel, and at the outputs they are combined into one system, which works like a large radiator 2.5 km across.

A special fluid, whose composition is patented and kept secret, circulates through the wells and transfers heat from the depths of the earth to the surface. The main processes take place underground, and the generation module itself, the size of a shed, can be placed in the backyard. During the operation of such a power plant, no emissions are generated, the land is not polluted with harmful substances, this is completely different from hydraulic fracturing and other "fracking delights". True, there is no intelligible information about the capacity of the installation - how profitable is it? What is the return on investment?

Drilling of the wells for the pilot project is promised to be completed in a week, the rig will work until the end of the year to assess its effectiveness. Canada is not Iceland, with its abundance of hot springs, plus Alberta has more severe winters than the Atlantic Ocean, washed by the Gulf Stream. But with such a low cost and simplicity of the project, it becomes profitable to develop relatively small, weak geothermal resources - for the needs of individuals.