Nike Launches Useful Kids Subscription Sneakers Service

The commercial model of providing goods and services on a paid subscription may become dominant in the near future. Another example of this is the new Nike Adventure Club shopping program, which provides access to Nike and Converse children's shoes through a monthly payment system. This is not a sale of goods in installments, but the ability to receive and change shoes during the entire subscription period.

The program is designed for children aged 2 to 10 years. During this period, their legs grow very quickly, the size of the shoes changes, plus the mobile baby wears out the sneakers at an incredible speed. Children do not yet have permanent habits, and parents do not have much money to satisfy their whims. All this formed the basis of the new program - subscribers receive sneakers and change them several times during the year, and if they like a particular pair, they can simply keep it for themselves.

There are three subscription levels, with 4 to 12 pairs of sneakers per year, from the $ 60 per pair price segment for the first two levels and $ 50 for the third. The cost of a subscription is $ 20-50 per month, that is, you can choose the first category and pay $ 240 per year, and in return each season you will receive a pair of good shoes. Or fork out $ 600 and get a whole bag of simpler sneakers for a year for a large family, where there is always someone to wear shoes. Moreover, there are more than a hundred different models in the assortment.

Used sneakers that are returned as part of the program in exchange for the next pair are more likely to go into recycling. They are specially designed for this purpose - not as durable as shoes for adults. But if a particular pair remains in good shape, Nike promises to donate such shoes to orphanages. In any case, the manufacturer responsibly assures that not a single sneaker will end up in the landfill.