The world's first international cable car will connect Russia and China

Following a difficult competition, UN Studio was selected to design the Russian section of the cable car across the Amur River. It should connect the border towns of Blagoveshchensk and Heihe, and thus become the world's first highway of this type between different states. It is not yet known who will build the receiving terminal from the Chinese side, but on the whole the project already has clear outlines.

The need for a cable car is caused by the specifics of the area - you can cross the mighty Cupid only when it completely freezes or melts completely. And although a bridge is already being built across the river, the cable car will also come in handy - not as a backup, but as an alternative way to cross the border.

It is planned to build two lines of the aerial road, along which spacious cabins, each for 60 people with luggage, will run. The way across the river will take 7-8 minutes, some more time will be needed to go through customs and paperwork.

The project of the reception station from UN Studio includes a winter garden, several observation platforms at different heights, restaurants and a conference center. In some ways, the terminal will be similar to airports, as it performs similar functions. Construction is expected to begin as early as 2020.