Sumimoto tire will be able to generate energy from the rotation of the wheels

The idea of ​​getting energy from the tires of rotating car wheels was first announced by Goodyear. It consists in the fact that due to the special structure of the tread, the thermal energy in it is converted into electrical energy.

Continuing this theme, the Japanese company Sumimoto, together with Kansai University, proposed their original tire design. A small block is placed inside it to collect energy, which can then be used for the on-board devices of the car.

Inside the block there are two layers of rubber covered with electrodes and conductive films. As the wheel rotates at the point of contact with the road surface, the tire deforms. At this moment, static electricity is formed - a frictional charge.

The Sumimoto tire concept harnesses this frictional energy as it travels. The device converts it into electricity, which can be used, for example, to illuminate the dashboard or operate a radio.

So far, nothing is known about the commercial use of this technology, but the company itself intends to use the device to power the tire pressure monitors. With the support of the Japan Science and Technology Agency, Sumimoto will continue to develop the technology in the hopes that it will be useful for power and other devices.