Ancient "crooked" pyramid opened for visits in Egypt

The Egyptian authorities, as part of the development of the tourism industry, opened one of the little-known pyramids to visitors. It was built 4600 years ago for Pharaoh Sneferu, but his mummy is not there and its location is unknown. The pyramid attracts attention with its curved shape and is a monument to the development of construction technologies of Ancient Egypt.

The place of the real burial of Pharaoh Snefer is still unknown, although there is information that at least three pyramids were built for him. And this is no coincidence, because the ancient masters swung at the record size of the structure for those times, but made a mistake. They began to build the pyramid on a soft clay base, and when about half of it was erected, the structure began to fall apart.

In order not to let the pharaoh down, the builders hastily remade the pyramid, reducing the angle of inclination of the edges from the standard 54 to 43 degrees. Because of this, outwardly, the pyramid acquired a curved appearance and more resembles a dome above the building. Its height is 101 m, tourists can walk along a 78-meter corridor to the tomb with two empty chambers.

The "curved" pyramid of Sneferu is interesting because on the timeline it is located between the old stepped structures and the new pyramids with straight, clearly defined edges, like the Great Pyramid of Giza. There is a process of development of construction skills in the ancient world, which did not do without serious mistakes. But the Egyptians were able to draw the right conclusions from the situation with the "crooked" pyramid and learned a useful lesson.