Chinese government issues 17,000 GPS tracker spy hours to schoolchildren

Last week, the city of Guangzhou, China, gave an unusual and ambiguous gift to 17, 000 elementary school children - a GPS smartwatch that tracks their location.

According to the local news outlet Guangzhou Daily, this marks the first step in a voluntary program to help parents track the whereabouts of their children. In turn, the American edition of the MIT Technology Review saw this as a continuation of the Celestial Empire's policy of expanding surveillance of its citizens.

To date, 8, 000 children have already activated their watches, which, according to their developer, BeiDou, can track users with an accuracy of 10 meters.

In total, the Guangzhou administration intends to order 30, 000 "tracking" watches for children and the elderly, for which, by the way, special bracelets are provided.

The watch sends data to parents' phones, which allows them to see in real time where their children are and if they might run into problems.