The new implant triggers the regeneration of heart tissue with electrical impulses

For many years now, doctors have been using electrical impulses to regenerate tissues in the treatment of various injuries. The experimental new implant uses the same principle in the restoration of cardiac tissue, which in some cases even avoids transplanting a whole organ.

The C-MIC device was developed by the German company Berlin Heals in cooperation with the Vienna Medical University. It is intended for patients with dilated cardiomyopathy, a disease in which the heart muscle degrades to the point that it almost stops contracting. Taking medications and installing a pacemaker may not be enough, and these patients usually require a heart transplant.

The C-MIC is implanted laparoscopically through two small incisions under general anesthesia. The device has two electrodes, one of which is superimposed on the outside of the heart, and the other on one of the ventricles.

After activation, the implant begins to emit weak electrical impulses that pass through the heart muscle between the two electrodes, stimulating its tissue. During the tests, signs of regeneration in a patient with an implant were recorded already three months after its installation.