The new laser will be able to identify people at a distance by the nature of the heartbeat

As part of the US Department of Defense project "Jetson", the development of a device for special forces units that can identify a person by the nature of the heartbeat has begun. It is based on an infrared laser and has a range of up to 200 meters. As the device improves, this distance will increase.

According to the representative of the Office of Technical Support for Anti-Terrorist Operations of the Pentagon, Steward Remali, the identification accuracy exceeds 95%. For example, while the IR heart rate sensor on the Apple Watch reads the pulse based on how much light is reflected in the user's bloodstream, Jetson analyzes tiny vibrations on the surface of the skin that are recorded even through clothing.

This means that if a person's identification is lacking in a facial recognition system, it will be complemented by more stable cardiac biometrics, the accuracy of which reaches 98%. It takes 30 seconds for the device to fix a heart "autograph".

Now, as part of the Jetson project, the US military is planning to begin building a database of heartfelt "signatures."