US Air Force plans to grow runways with bacteria

One day, US Air Force planes will be able to take off and land from runways literally "grown" by bacteria. This is the goal of a new Medusa project - to determine the possibility of using microorganisms to turn materials into a flat and durable surface.

The development is carried out by specialists from the Blue Horizons Air Force Research Center in conjunction with BioMASON (North Carolina), which previously created a technology for transforming sand and soil into durable, hard surfaces. It is quite simple: sand is poured into brick molds and then mixed with bacteria.

After that, the mixture is abundantly watered with a nutrient solution intended for the growth of bacteria. As a result, they form calcium carbonate crystals that bind grains of sand and turn them into durable building bricks.

The Medusa project has already passed several tests, which resulted in the formation of a rigid flat surface with an area of ​​232 square meters. meters.

The new biotechnology will help to significantly reduce the number of people normally employed to construct a runway using the traditional method.