German circus replaces animal numbers in realistic hologram show

The German circus "Circus Roncalli" abandoned the practice of using trained animals in their performances. Instead, holograms of elephants, tigers and other exotic animals are now used. This is a response to the appeals of animal rights activists - and a chance to diversify the show by adding previously impossible numbers.

A circular arena screen and Optoma projectors are used to display 3D holograms. Circus "Circus Roncalli" began using holograms at the end of last year, and today its specialists have already developed a full-fledged show. There is no such framework as the presence of a protective barrier in rooms with predators, the need to separate the performances of different animals and even follow the rules laid down by nature.

For example, virtual horses run out of nowhere and disappear into nowhere, and they don't need stables to keep them. The elephant hologram is not only extremely detailed, but also enlarged in size so that an incredible giant appears before the audience. By the way, he can do a stand on his hind legs, obscuring all visible space. None of the performing animals is capricious, does not make mistakes and does not interfere with each other.