McDonald's launches sales of McHive branded beehives

The Swedish division of McDonald's has launched a PR project for the implementation of "McHive" - ​​bee houses made in the style of the brand. They are poetically called "the smallest McDonald's restaurants in the world" and are sold to everyone along with the bees at symbolic prices. It's not about profit, but about advertising with a social connotation - it is high time for humanity to attend to the problem of the extinction of bees, not in words, but in deeds.

The first McHive was conceived by Christina Richter, who runs McDonald's restaurants in southern Sweden. She successfully developed the concept of "urban apiaries" by placing several beehives on the roofs of the chain's restaurants. Also, in the territory in front of them, typical lawns with mown grass were replaced with lawns of honey flowers and grasses, so that the bees could "work" in their usual conditions.

The idea stuck, and now the new McHives are staged in other McDonald's restaurants, where the climate allows beekeeping. Also hives are sold to customers. They are not intended for industrial extraction of honey, but are designed for comfortable living of bees - there are spacious passages, narrow cells, and shelves for resting insects.

The extinction of bees and other pollinating insects is a documented fact and threatens to assume the scale of a planetary catastrophe. The reason for this is in 90% of cases the activity of a person who, in the 20th century, too zealously undertook to reshape the world around him to suit his interests. Alas, for many, these are little-known things - and therefore it is extremely important to draw the attention of as many people as possible to what is happening with the bees.