The first ever digital dress sold for $ 9,500

The Fabricant startup, Dapper Labs and artist Joanna Jaskovski created and sold the first digital-only dress.

The outfit is called "Iridescence", it costs $ 9.5 thousand, and has a blockchain nature - its code is unique and can appear as some kind of value, like a cryptocurrency. This is not just a drawing, but a complex model that is adapted to a specific customer, his digital images and photographs. If necessary, it can be animated or become the basis for a pattern, a model for real sewing equipment, which will sew an already physical dress in the image of a digital one.

But who cares? Digital, virtual, while not tied to a specific game or system, which means that a universal dress is good in itself. For example, because scarce fabric was not spent on its creation, and the material does not wear out, does not require washing, no maintenance at all. And if the wearer gets fat or changes differently, it will be easy and comfortable to fit the outfit to the figure.

The world is already familiar with fully digital models - beautiful and completely virtual creatures that have armies of fans. Shouldn't they go without clothes? Moreover, in this case, the usual restrictions are removed and any digital outfit can be tried on for an arbitrary virtual image.