The first digital circuit breaker could change the electrical world forever

This week, the world's first and so far the only digital circuit breaker developed by Atom Power, led by CEO Ryan Kennedy, was certified for commercial use. The speed of the new breaker is 3000 times faster than that of the fastest mechanical counterpart.

Imagine a fuse box in a small private house, where each switch is responsible for a specific area. They are designed in such a way as to prevent the resulting overload and to prevent overheating and fire at the right time to de-energize the network. In high-rise apartment buildings and industrial buildings, the number of circuit breakers goes to tens and even hundreds.

Ryan Kennedy and his colleagues have developed a digital switch infrastructure that uses semiconductors and software to control the flow of energy from many disparate sources. The modern digital platform combines incoming streams in one super-intelligent device, managing them depending on the situation.

For example, residents of a home connected to solar panels sometimes have to disconnect from them because traditional power systems are not sufficiently adapted to manage multiple changing energy sources. Energy management deficiencies cause tens of thousands of accidents a year.

The digital switches are capable of handling the gigantic 100, 000 amp flow of electricity, eliminating any risk and ensuring a high level of safety. Atom Power will continue its research with investments from the three largest switch manufacturers - Siemens, ABB and Eaton.