In hot Madrid, they designed an ingenious apartment that does not need an air conditioner

A Spanish doctor commissioned Husos Architects to make major renovations to his apartment so that his beloved bulldog would feel comfortable there. The dog is very sensitive to heat, and the doctor himself does not like the version of the "smart home" with a closed climate system. He wanted to live in a house with natural ventilation, which is ensured with a minimum expenditure of resources.

Since the doctor works in different shifts, he does not have a clear daily routine, then, in addition to the bedroom, the house was equipped with a compartment for a fiesta, where you can take a nap or watch a movie by lowering the wall-screen. The center of the apartment is occupied by a freely ventilated living room, utility rooms are located on its sides. There are a minimum of doors and partitions so that air can freely circulate through the windows specially designed for this.

The entire western - the sunniest - wall of the apartment is lined with shelves with plantings: flowers, vegetables, fresh herbs for the table. Plants get maximum light and shade, helping to avoid overheating during the hottest daytime hours. This is a passive system for cooling and simultaneously saturating the air with oxygen, with the absorption of carbon dioxide.

Madrid and its surroundings are already suffering from a shortage of drinking water, so the architects have introduced a system for the use of "gray water" in the project. These are drains from the sink and shower, purified from chemicals - conditionally pure water. You cannot drink it, but it is quite possible to use it for watering plants. The apartment has a liquid recirculation system, so there is no need to fiddle with watering cans and buckets.