Raytheon's universal remote to control all US Navy drones

Raytheon is fulfilling an order from the US military to develop a unified universal control system for naval UAVs. It should be a compact console for quick installation on board any vessel, with an open architecture and modular layout. The system will support different types of software and standards for drones from any manufacturer.

Every day in the US Navy there are more and more multipurpose UAVs, to which surface vehicles and underwater robots are added. Each family has its own control panel, its own tactics of application, its own requirements for maintenance. And the number of qualified personnel remains the same, and in order not to overload people with information and work, it is necessary to remove all unnecessary things.

The challenge for Raytheon's engineers was to create a consistent, intuitive and versatile interface. Machine-specific auto-tuning modules should be connected to it. And then any operator will be able to use the joystick to control the quadrocopter, the underwater vehicle, and the moving probe, without thinking about what algorithms and nodes need to be used for a specific maneuver - everything will be done by automation.

According to sources inside Raytheon, prototypes of such a control system are already being actively tested, but so far in the ground forces. Their appearance in the fleet is a matter of time. The ultimate goal of the Pentagon is to create a multi-domain command and control system that will cover all kinds of troops, from space to sanitary.