Unusual Morph interface gives unique opportunities to gamers and musicians

Sensel has revived its former development, Morph, a versatile, feature-rich interface. For the first time they started talking about it in 2015, two years later a crowdfunding project was launched to raise funds, and now the Buchla Thunder controller based on it is entering the market. It is intended to guide the Morph interface through a wide variety of tasks.

Initially, Buchla Thunder was created as a MIDI controller with an interface that was incredible for its time - touch buttons that responded to touches, not presses. Its inventor, designer John Buchla, was inspired by traditional Native American instruments. The project completely failed from a commercial point of view, but the idea survived.

The new Buchla Thunder controller fully reflects the flexibility of the Morph interface - it can be connected to different devices and used not only for creating music, but also in games, for programming, when working in thematic applications. The buttons are formally virtual and their purpose can be changed, but at the physical level they react to different types of influence. For example, the force of pressure and the vector of movement of the finger that presses the button - this greatly expands the capabilities of Morph.

Communication with external devices is carried out via cable or Bluetooth, no utilities are needed to operate the controller - by default it contains several firmware options, between which you can quickly switch. For those who sponsored the startup, the controller will cost $ 56, everyone else can get it for $ 269.