New technology from Australia keeps milk fresh for up to 90 days

Australian farmers have always dreamed of bringing milk from their distant continent to world markets, and now it looks like they have a chance. Naturo announced the successful completion of a government audit of its new milk preservation technology. It shows much better results than traditional pasteurization, but at the same time retains the taste and nutritional value of milk, which disappear when preserved.

Today in the world, roughly speaking, there are two types of milk processing for the destruction of dangerous microfauna. These are pasteurization, slow heating to 60 ° C, and ultra-pasteurization, rapid heating to 135-150 ° C with instant cooling to 4-5 ° C. In the first case, many microbes die, but not all, milk retains its taste and usefulness, the shelf life increases to several weeks. In the second case, everything and everyone dies, including some useful proteins and enzymes, but the milk can then be stored for up to 9 months.

The Australians at Naturo say they have found a way to kill germs without heating milk, retaining all its health benefits while extending its shelf life by 60-90 days. True, all the technologies used in the process are trade secrets, and how exactly the processing takes place is unknown. It is known that Naturo really does have revolutionary technologies in its arsenal, like shredding fruit under the air blast, which removes potential microbes from the pieces in the finished dish.