China Tests Emotion-Sensing Tracking System

The Chinese concept of smart cities appears to involve the installation of emotion recognition equipment in public places. Thus, at the recently concluded exhibition on tracking systems in Shenzhen, various video surveillance equipment was presented for installation in airports, subways and shopping centers. Exhibitors include a number of leading Chinese companies, including Baidu and Huawei.

According to the Financial Times, emotion recognition technology is currently being implemented in Xinjiang, which is known to be home to over a million Muslims.

Xinjiang Provincial Police Expert Li Xiaoyu noted that "Emotion recognition allows you to quickly identify suspects in a crime by analyzing their mental state ... to prevent illegal activities, including terrorism and smuggling."

However, according to many Western experts, this system is still far from perfect and is not ready for full-scale use.

This is far from the first time that the Chinese government has used modern technology with artificial intelligence to enhance surveillance of its citizens. In particular, a human gait recognition system is currently being tested in the country. Combining the complex of continuous surveillance of citizens with the system of social rating introduced in the state, China is rapidly moving towards total control over its residents.