Scientists have developed a program that expands the radius of Wi-Fi routers by 60 meters

A group of researchers at the University of Utah (USA) has developed a network protocol called On-Off Noise Power Communication (ONPC). With it, you can extend the range of your Wi-Fi hotspot by more than 60 meters without any additional equipment.

The test results showed that the On-Off Noise Power Communication protocol combined with an app called "Stayin 'Alive" increased the signal range of a standard Wi-Fi router by 67 meters.

The researchers managed to achieve an ONPC data transfer rate of 1 bit / s, in contrast to standard Wi-Fi, which requires at least one megabit per second to maintain the signal.

The scientists also explained that the ONPC protocol is intended to complement Wi-Fi and is not a replacement, as the Stayin 'Alive app starts transferring data over the ONPC after it detects a loss of Wi-Fi connection.

Experts believe that many simple Wi-Fi-enabled devices can benefit from this development - garage door sensors, air quality monitors, irrigation systems, and others. A channel of 1 bit / sec is enough for them to turn on and off.