Antibacterial clothes made from milk turned out to be softer and stronger than cotton

Every day, dairies have to solve the problem of disposing of the leftovers of dairy products that are no longer fit for food. Los Angeles-based startup Mi Terro proposes to produce fabric for casual wear from it. Such material is superior to natural cotton in many respects.

Leftover milk is allowed to ferment to make it easier to remove fat from it. The resulting substance is dehydrated, and the dry mass is filtered. The task is to get natural milk protein casein. Powdered casein is dissolved in an alkali and then passed through a spinneret - a device for making fibers. They undergo additional cleaning with sulfuric acid to remove alkali residues, and yarn is obtained at the output.

The produced material is used to create fabrics with a number of useful properties. It can not only absorb moisture, but also retain air with unpleasant odors in micro-cavities. Such fabric is easily stretched, resistant to wrinkles, does not fade under ultraviolet light and even has antibacterial properties. Plus big savings - up to five T-shirts can be made from one glass of milk.

Milky fabric feels softer than cotton and has a silky surface. The cost of one T-shirt for those who supported the project at Kickstarter is $ 35. The retail price will be $ 59.