UK companies are adopting artificial intelligence to spy on employees

Today, the clients of the British company Status Today are five law firms, a real estate agency, a training center and a consulting bureau. In total, this is 130, 000 office workers, whose actions are monitored and analyzed by artificial intelligence "Isaak". This system has already processed more than a billion transactions and has collected an impressive amount of data for the management of companies for each supervised employee.

Isaak keeps track of what operations a person performs: typing, working in a browser, making a phone call, conducting a conversation. Everything is scrupulously recorded and checked against the reference data, as well as with the settings for a particular department. For example, if the hands of an employee have not touched the keyboard for 5 minutes, their owner is idle at the workplace.

Ordinary users cannot influence the process of collecting information or find out what AI communicates about employees to their bosses. No, of course, there are a lot of loopholes, and the algorithms are not perfect at all. For example, how do you assess the importance for the department's work of the time spent thinking about a task? Or is it a plus or a minus to test spontaneous creative decisions that did not work?

The authors of the development say that AI like "Isaak" will help separate workaholics from parasites, identify saboteurs and deceivers. And also to help advance talented but humble workers who find it difficult to present their work in the right way. But the opinion of the interviewed workers themselves is categorically negative. If the management does not trust the employees and puts a soulless AI over them, then what kind of fruitful and effective work in the company can we talk about?