Dead bodies can now be turned into superior diamonds

By 2020, at least half of the deceased in the United States will be cremated - burial in graves is no longer in vogue. But some companies, like Swiss Algordanza, offer an alternative. The human body is rich in carbon, which can be turned not only into useless ash, but also into artificial diamonds - beautiful, durable and reliably keeping the memory of the dead.

The process of turning the body of the deceased into a diamond begins with the usual cremation, the output of which is 2, 5-4, 5 kg of ash. To grow a diamond, you need at least 500 grams, so if for some reason less ash is left from the client, pure carbon is simply poured into the chamber. It is even more convenient, because the starting material still needs to be purified from salts and impurities before smelting to a purity of 99% carbon by weight.

The last 1% is boron, which helps to color the diamonds blue. At the request of the client, the stone can have an arbitrary shade, from almost transparent to deep blue. The refined material is formed into graphite sheets, which are filled in the diamond growing chamber. A tiny natural diamond - the core - is placed in its center, since carbon crystallizes best in contact with carbon, but already with a formed crystal lattice.

In the chamber, the carbon is heated to 1370 ° C and is subjected to a pressure of more than 27 tons per square cm. The more material, the longer the processing lasts, from 6-8 weeks or more, and the output will be a proportionally large, rough and uncut diamond. Cutting is a separate service, according to the typical prices of jewelers, but the very manufacture of a diamond from ashes costs $ 3000 for a stone weighing 0.3 carats. If desired, diamonds can also be crafted from dead pets - Algordanza has experience in such matters.