The United States creates artificial intelligence "Skyborg" to control fighters

The US Air Force recently announced the development of a new artificial intelligence program called "Skyborg", which is intended for UAVs and manned fighters and will appear in the coming years.

Initially, it is planned to install "Skyborg" on the Kratos XQ-58A drone. The main goal of the developers is to integrate artificial intelligence into various UAVs and ultimately create a system based on it that will take the place of the co-pilot in a manned vehicle.

The Skyborg project envisages the creation of a modular aircraft similar in characteristics to modern fighters. The next stage is training artificial intelligence with the help of special software in complex behavioral models that will provide it with a high speed of decision-making in a combat situation.

Drones equipped with Skyborg will be many times superior in combat capabilities to their opponents not burdened with artificial intelligence, gaining convincing victories over them in a variety of situations. And what is no less important, these will be relatively inexpensive UAVs, the losses of which will be easily replenished.