Europe's first underwater restaurant "Under" opens in Norway

On the southern coast of Norway, in the harsh seaside region, there is one more attraction. Here the restaurant "Under" from the Snøhetta company opened its doors to visitors, most of which is located under water. The windows of its main hall overlook the sea lawn a few meters below the surface of the water.

The restaurant is a very unusual engineering structure. It was built in the form of a reinforced concrete pipe and transported entirely by barge to the installation site. Sealed windows, partitions, most utilities - everything was assembled in advance, at the coastal plant. The building was partially filled with water so that it was lowered in the correct position on the concrete base, where it was bolted.

The length of the structure is 34 m, the usable area is 600 square meters, and the thickness of the walls is more than 1 m. The developers say that their brainchild will withstand any storm, including the predicted cataclysms of the “storm of the century” level. For the sake of this, we had to abandon the huge panoramic windows in the original project, limiting ourselves to just large window openings in the thickness of the walls. The main hall is submerged to a depth of 5 m, the entrance to the restaurant is on the surface of the earth - the building is located at an angle and visually "goes" into the sea.

In addition to its main function, "Under" will become a makeshift laboratory. On its outer perimeter, various sensors and sensors are installed to measure the state of the environment and monitor marine life. The very underwater glade in front of the restaurant window is the main testing ground, where they will conduct various experiments in convenient conditions.