The Magicverse project will saturate the entire planet with layers of augmented reality

Startup Magic Leap has developed the concept of a global augmented reality system "Magicverse", which its authors want to extend to the whole world. "Magicverse" should erase the existing border between physical space and augmented reality, replacing everything with a complex of dozens of "layers", each of which will be used for different purposes.

For example, one layer is dedicated to medicine and healthcare, so images of passers-by on the street will be supplemented with data from their medical records. Another layer is responsible for financial matters and displays relevant information. Police officers will be able to quickly check the current level of the criminal situation around or switch to another layer and tell foreign guests the shortest way to attractions. Layers can be combined for convenience or, on the contrary, make access to some secret or paid ones.

Magicverse will help erase existing boundaries, establish new communication channels and change the world for the better, its authors believe. True, you first have to build a global system of high-speed data repeaters based on 5G. Plus, oblige all people to wear identifiers that transmit information about them to the general network. Magic Leap says it is already working on a security architecture and confidentiality.

The budget of the project, its scale, terms of implementation - there is no information about this. As there is no answer to the question of how to equip all people on earth with augmented reality headsets to access the Magicverse. The startup's CEO, Ronnie Abovitz, believes, "We need to design the system so that it can't be misused."