Grandson On Call app helps seniors overcome loneliness

The Wall Street Journal described a new technology that helps older Americans not suffer from loneliness. It is jokingly called "Grandchildren on Call", available using the "Join Papa" application and no more complicated than ordering pizza by phone.

The “deadly loneliness crisis, ” as it has been dubbed by the American media, is not as severe as in Japan, but is already affecting tens of millions of people across the country. The authors of the Join Papa service say that they decided to try to combine three components: new technologies, business and the urgent need of old people for live communication. It is so high that users of the service willingly pay $ 17 per hour, of which $ 10 goes to direct performers.

"Grandchildren for an hour" are students, high school students and young people, whose task is not to portray someone's relatives, but simply to spend time with pensioners. This includes fulfilling small requests, such as moving furniture or buying milk, and all-round communication. And then how lucky - some old people like to indulge in memories and talk about themselves, others, on the contrary, sincerely ask young people about their academic and personal successes.

How important and in demand this service is, can be judged by the comment of an 87-year-old client. The guys at Join Papa and the social worker were the only people she saw alive for two weeks.