NEC video tracking technology recognizes a person even from the back

It is becoming increasingly difficult to hide your identity from others, including automatic surveillance systems. The old tried-and-true trick with a hood over the head, a medical mask and dark glasses on the face is no longer relevant. NEC has announced an artificial intelligence-based system that can recognize a person, even if only part of his body is visible.

The idea of ​​the NEC developers is to analyze the manner of movement and reactions to the environment of an individual, rather than reading specific visual images. A person can wear a mask, but the habit of stooping, giving way to passers-by or looking around at intersections will not go anywhere. If you give the AI ​​a high-quality initial image of a character, then by analyzing his behavior and modeling his appearance in different situations, the system itself will create the necessary profile for further tracking the person.

Officially, this technology is designed to control the movement of people in difficult conditions. For example, when employees in the same uniform are working at the facility and you need to calculate the identity of the saboteur. Or follow the path of a spy in the crowd, whose silhouette is now and then obscured by the figures of other people and infrastructure. The system is able to recognize a person by the picture from video cameras at different angles and from arbitrary angles, with an accuracy of 90%.

The new technology builds on NEC's previous designs for recognizing the faces of people in motion, under variable lighting, and when only part of the head is in the frame. They can be used together to identify, escort, gather information and accurately identify suspects in public places. The only question is how to dispose of such information - NEC does not insist on cooperation exclusively with law enforcement agencies and authorities.