Bugatti showed video of extreme tests of brake calipers

Earlier this year, Bugatti announced the development of an unusual serial brake caliper (the unit that presses the pad against the disc when braking). Its main feature is that it is completely made using 3D printing technology. As a luxury supercar, the new caliper has been subjected to rigorous strength tests at maximum loads.

A YouTube video presented by the current owner of Bugatti, the Volkswagen Group, captures the moment the titanium caliper is loaded to the point where it begins to emit an orange glow and abundant streams of sparks, while remaining in good working order. The extreme test clearly demonstrated the reliability and efficiency of 3D printing technology, as well as its applicability in aerospace and other advanced industries.

The caliper was made in 45 hours by layer-by-layer sintering of titanium powder (2213 layers in total) using a laser. At the final stage, the product was subjected to complex finishing - mechanical, physical and chemical, which made it even stronger.