Orion's bionic eyes will give humans infrared vision

Second Sight Medical Products has created an implant prototype that will provide blind people with any kind of vision. Including those inaccessible to an ordinary person, such as infrared vision, like an alien from the classic action movie "Predator". This direction is recognized as one of the most promising for helping visually impaired people.

The concept is quite simple - instead of installing a full-size bionic eye, the user is implanted with an "adapter". Officially called the Orion visual cortical prosthesis, it connects to the part of the brain that processes visual information. The implant receives signals from the microcamera on the bow of the glasses, converts them and sends them to the brain in the form of electrical impulses.

Installation of the implant takes less than a day, but the adaptation process will take a little longer. The user will need to re-teach the brain to receive signals and "see" the image, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to provide a high-resolution image transmission. Instead, the developers focused their efforts on creating removable modules of the cameras themselves. The implant is called an adapter for a reason - you can connect to it various sources of data about what is happening around, and not only those working in the visible spectrum.

It is not so important for a disabled person to see the world around him again, how to learn how to navigate in it. And for this you need a picture that is informative, but not necessarily beautiful. For example, spots in the infrared spectrum will be a great indicator of how many people are around the user and where there are dangerous hot objects in the room. Where the sun shines from, where are the windows, day now or night. Most household appliances are small, but they get hot during use, which makes them easier to find.