Japanese company Nissin has developed the food of the future (of course, these are noodles)

Nissin, renowned for the production of instant noodles ("ramen"), has introduced a new versatile "food of the future." As soon as humanity is inevitably faced with an overpopulation of the planet, a shortage of arable land and traditional food, it is time to think about the issue of nutrition now.

The developers decided to combine three key qualities of the right food in one product. Firstly, in essence, this is instant noodles - it only needs a glass of hot water and a few minutes of time. Secondly, the product is cheap and available to everyone, it costs about $ 5 for a set of six servings with several flavors - the norm for an adult per day. Thirdly, the product contains all the substances that the body needs for normal metabolism.

The new noodles have a core of a concentrate of vitamins, minerals and proteins, around which a flour shell is created. In size and shape, these are all the same noodles, but they contain 40% less flour, and therefore less carbohydrates. In the first batch of the new noodles, five filling flavors will be available. Pork with scallions, coconut with cilantro, spiced raya oil, Thai tom yam with lemongrass and fiery Sichuan pepper. Sales will begin at the end of August this year.