IHarvest home hydroponic garden will double the growth of vegetables

IGWorks has developed a home vertical hydroponic garden called iHarvest, which will not only beautify any home, but also allow you to grow up to 30 types of fruits and vegetables.

iHarvest is located on an area of ​​0.25 sq. m. Its owner will be provided with fresh vegetables throughout the year, including leafy greens, beans, tomatoes and cucumbers, and from fruits - strawberries and even watermelons.

According to IGWorks, the harvest in iHarvest ripens 50% faster than outdoors, and at the same time consumes 20 times less water. It also eliminates the need for pesticides and herbicides.

IGWorks has developed a special design for growing pumpkins and cucumbers. The entire system uses only 70 watts of electricity and is fully automated. With full spectrum LED lamps, users can independently control the sunrise and sunset cycles.

The developers of IHarvest posted their brainchild on Kickstarter, where they have already significantly exceeded the planned figure for fundraising. A home garden is now available for $ 500, with a retail price of $ 850. Includes 50 cups of soil, seeds, and a nutrient kit. The start of sales is scheduled for September this year.